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Thursday, July 1st

Saturday,July 3rd
Yunho in Japan
「Nikkei Entertainment」

Sunday, July 4th
Jung Yunho in “No Limit ~ heading to the ground ~” Premium Event 2010

Monday, July 5th
Yunho return

Wednesday, July 7th

Friday, July 9th
「PATi PATi 」

Saturday, July 10th

Sunday, July 11th
JaeChunSu came home

Monday, July 12th
Mag 『ELLEgirl』

Wednesday, July 14th
「WHAT’s IN?」

Thursday, July 15th
「TV Japan」
「Songs Monthly」

Tuesday, July 20th

Thursday, July 22th
Mag 『Women』

Friday, July 23th
Mag 『SPUR』

Saturday, July 24th
“Sungkyunkwan scandal” Tour & Fan Meeting
「The Television Monthly」

Wednesday, July 28th
Release of DVD 「3HREE VOICES」
Mag 『ELLE』
Mag 『MORE』
Mag 『コーラス』

Thursday, August 12th
Mag 『FRaU』

Saturday, August 21th
a-nation2010 in Osaka
SMTOWN LIVE’10 in Seoul

Sunday, August 22th
a-nation2010 in Osaka

Monday, August 23th
Mag 『SPUR』

Wednesday, August 25th
Release of “No Limit ~ heading to the ground -” Original Soundtrack

Saturday, August 28th
a-nation2010 in Tokyo

Sunday, August 29th
a-nation2010 in Tokyo

Saturday, Sept 4th
Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun Lotte Premier Event 2010 in Seoul

Tuesday, Sept 7th
Mag 『SEDA』

Thursday, Sept 9th
Yunho 「Goong Musical」

Saturday, Sept 11th
SMTOWN LIVE’10 in Shanghai

Tuesday, Sept 14th
Yunho 「Goong Musical」

Thrusday, Sept 16th
Yunho 「Goong Musical」

Sunday, Sept 19th
Yunho 「Goong Musical」

Tuesday, Sept 21th
Yunho 「Goong Musical」

Thursday, Sept 23th
Yunho 「Goong Musical」

Sunday, Sept 26th
Yunho 「Goong Musical」

Tuesday, Sept 28th
Yunho 「Goong Musical」

Thursday, Sept 30th
Yunho 「Goong Musical」

update: July 15th