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Yunho and Jaejoong Exchange Diary

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Couple
I read my friend’s blog….. and she posted an entry about Yunje…
The words are so cool (haha)
she wrote something like this…. (I’ve translated it) 

Yunho, how are you? 

Drama Musical…

you’re exerting yourself…

I saw it…
you’re quitely shining from behind.

it looks like the time when we’re loving each other…

Yunho, what about me??
Am I shining too?
Shining like you, Yunho?


It hurts.

It really hurts…

I love you, Yunho….

…. Jaejoong
Aren’t you exerting yourself, either?
What happened??


I always see you.

I always see your form even if you’re away…

I want to touch you,
Until now, I still remember
Your warmth that I felt on my body..

hold on.

I don’t want them writing diary with the words like these, because it hurts me too TT

but hope they’re okay :))



I don’t know whether it’s true or just rumour. but I hope they still contact each other :’)

5th July 2010, yunho was reported that he has called jaejoong at 5AM USA . they talked around 30 minutes. Yunho asked about Junsu and told that he miss the other members and their past moments. Yunho said again, he still practice musical drama. And Jae said that he sometimes pensive thinking about Homin

Source : Widya


Jaejoong’s sister sent this message :’) It makes me love them

Please always keep your YunJae love.
YunJae are really thankful to you

credit : [YunJae Vietnam Fansite]
shared by: mimi_ha15@soompi