Life is not just about love

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Random

I do know how it’s to love someone so deep. I can imagine the torment not to meet the heart of your life in a day. I could feel how topsy-turvy feeling if you have not heard his voice or at least have reportedly. But this time I just want to say, life is not just about love.

It is not easy. I know. But because I love you so I try to be mature. Let’s think if all things in good time. There is a time to embrace. There is time to break away from the hug. We are young, we still have to fight for our future. We may share the stories, but that does not mean we have to share our life.

If you’ve found the meaning of believe in, carry out the theory. Believe that he still loves you. Believe that he’s still thinking about you on the other side. Believe that he’s loyal to you. Believing that he does well. That way, you two can be comfortable to run your respective life stories.


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