Story of Lupus

Posted: September 19, 2010 in ohanaodiary, Random

I’m currently doing a research regarding Lupus Erythematosus.

It’s not for anyone but me because I wanna write a story about Lupus. And what I got was that Lupus is a deadly new disease that is equivalent of cancer. Most of patients cannot be helped anymore.

Initially, patients with this disease thought to have skin disorders, such as redness around the nose and cheek. Red blotches on face and arms, heat and prolonged fatigue, hair loss, swollen joints and often sprue. This disease is not only attacking the skin, but also can attack almost all organs in the body.

This disease mostly affects women of childbearing age to the age of 50s. And I was startled when I read those words…


I thought it only affects women but apparently men also could get that disease because the existence of genetic abnormalities in sex chromosomes make a few men in Asia are prone to that autoimmune disease.


It’s perfect!

I’ve got the story line but something still bothering me…

Can a woman who has lupus, get pregnant? Is it even possible?? O_Oa


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